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Alexandre Volta e Sousa

Alexandre Volta e Sousa

Has a degree in Business Administration and Management (1998) from the Portuguese Catholic University. He joined the group of promoters that founded F9 Consulting in 2001 and is currently responsible for F9 Consulting's office in São Paulo (Brazil), accumulating 22 years of experience in financial advisory.

Between 1998 and 2000 he worked in the Corporate Finance and Project Finance Division of Banco Mello de Investimentos. Following the merger of this institution with BCP Investimento in 2000, he joined the Project Finance team of BCP Investimento where he remained until 2001.

Throughout his professional career he has taken part in various operations involving corporate and non recourse financing structuring, for the Energy and Environment sectors in particular. In the specific case of renewable energies, he took part in a project finance structuring of financings involving more than 2 billion Euros, corresponding to more than 2,000 MW of installed capacity in wind farms.

He also took part in several assets acquisition/divestiture operations within those sectors, in several public tenders for the concession of the exploration and management of municipal water and sanitation services, as a financial consultant for the concessionaires, having also conducted a significant number of economic and financial feasibility studies within the scope of the setting up of multi-municipal water supply and sanitation systems.